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Shadows of Empyriad


Aliens are coming to Yellowstone Global Park.

In order to protect its delicate ecosystem, the park has been closed to the public for a quarter of a century. But the fortifications that keep the public away from the bison and the geysers are perfect for keeping the arriving aliens–the Stracahn–away from humanity.

The Stracahn have come from their dying planet, Empyriad, in search of a peaceful new home. But with warring humans outside the gates of Yellowstone and the world’s largest supervolcano inside, Earth is anything but peaceful.

Shadows of Empyriad does what all great literature should - it delivers a well-crafted story while making you think about moral dilemmas at the same time.

Amazon reviewer

Such a refreshing take on the struggles of humanity, conservation, and tolerance shown through the eyes of an alien girl.

Amazon Reviewer

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